Seven Spiritual Laws of Life : Ancient Indian Philosophy

Bibhu Mishra
8 min readMar 29, 2018

Just finished reading the “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”, amazingly written by Deepak Chopra. Since long, I was looking for a book which talks about intellectual aspect of life, something which deals with universal laws. Thought of sharing these laws with you all :-

The law of pure potentiality:-

The field of pure potentiality is knowing our own self. It talks about two reference points ‘Self-referral’ and ‘Object-referral’. The self-referral means the internal reference point is our own spirit, our own energy. In object referral the internal reference point is our ego. In object-referral we are always influenced by objects outside self which include situations, circumstances, people and things. The ego is our self-image, it is not who we are actually but a social mask. Our true self is our spirit, our soul, unfearful of any challenge and it feels beneath no one. The power in object referral is derived from certain title (president, chairman etc.) and only last as long as those things last. Self power is permanent and derived from the knowledge of self. Self-power draws people to you, magnetizes people, situations, circumstances to support our desires. It is called as support from nature.

It can be achieved through practicing three things: Silence, Meditation and non-judgment. Practicing silence means spending some time with ourselves every day, to simply be. Through meditation we experience true silence, pure awareness. Meditation has great organizing power. We organize our thoughts, beliefs etc. Judgment is constant evaluation of things as right or wrong, good or bad. In the process of judgment we classify, analyse, label things which creates lot of turbulence in our internal dialogue. Once we go beyond this, we start receiving creative thoughts, pure knowledge and infinite creativity.

PC :

Another aspect of this law is spending time with nature. It enables us to understand harmonious interactions between all the elements and forces of life and gives us a sense of unity and interconnection.

Access to our true essence will lead to the something which is beyond ego, it is fearless, it is infinite creativity, it is beneath no one, and it is superior to no one. All relationships are the reflection of our relationship with self. If…

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