How to write better ? Some Tips from another unknown but upcoming writer.

Bibhu Mishra
2 min readJun 15, 2018

I always wondered what makes people write better or communicate better. Last year, when I was preparing for my Fellowship Applications, I asked my Professor about this. He said Communication is 80% content and clarity and 20% flamboyance. I totally agree with him. This has helped me to get through 4 out of 5 applications I made. Here are my suggestions :-

  1. Read More : To improve the content you have to know more or at least know enough so that people who are reading you can get some new information or perspective. To get to this level there is nothing better than reading more.
  2. Feedback : To improve clarity pls. obtain feedback from the people. Don’t ask too many people because everyone has different perspectives and thoughts and it may confuse you. Like an old saying ‘too many cook can spoil the food’. But, Feedback from 3–4 people will be really helpful.
  3. Write more : ‘Practice makes anyone perfect’. If you want to be successful soccer player, you have to go out and practice. You have to sweat out. The same logic applies everywhere. No one became a great writer overnight. They all worked hard to become one. You have to work hard. You have to write more to become better.
  4. Compare with your own writing : The last and most important step is to be your own critic. The articles/reports Iwrote in 2016/2017 looks trash to me now. Sometimes, I think, did i write so badly ? But that’s a positive sign and means I have improved in my writing. Most often, we compare ourselves with others but that's not fair. Bench-marking is okay, but comparing everything with other’s is not good. Writing is creativity and creativity has a uniqueness in it. You are unique in your own way.

Hope this will be useful for budding writers. I would love to get your interesting feedback.

Bibhu Mishra

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